Uncle Aykut
On the eve of his wedding, Aykut does a favor to a woman he doesn't know and his life goes upside down.
Best Friends
A group of kids decide to drop their phones off to play together at a nearby park, to which access is prevented by a grumpy old man called 'Kötü Kazım' Featuring Turkey's new child star Berat Efe Parlar, the film is one of the biggest box office hits in Turkish cinemas in 2019.
Money Trap
The Water Diviner's Yılmaz Erdoğan is Istanbul's greatest swindler, Asim Noyan in this movie, and this time, Asim Noyan has the hardest job in hand --- winning his estranged daughter's heart.
A female architect who wants to preserve her utopias realizes the only probable way to experience this in today's Istanbul is through dreams and parallel lives. Indeed, her dreams help her to continue, build new hopes and lives.
In the background of the grim job to extricate dead bodies from the mass graves, the young poet Benjamin falls in love with Serbian-Bosnian Zrinka.
Kill Me, My Darling
Can the excitement of the national lottery save a finished marriage? Or is it the end of that marriage? In this fun comedy, Demet and Okan will learn the answer to this question.
Inspired by a verse in Quran, the story is set in a post-apocalyptic world where those that survive are divided between the remnants of cities and agricultural zones, and ruled by corporations.In the areas called Dead Lands, genetically incompatible immigrants suffer from drought and epidemics.
Star Trek: Tourist Omer
Tourist Omer escapes a shotgun wedding thanks to the timely intervention of the starship Enterprise. .
TOZ Filmi
Only a Man
Cinema 5: In the suburbs of Australia an enigmatic man searching for salvation, creates a wake that leaves collateral out of human souls. This short film will be shown before Dervis Zaim's Dream and tickets purchased for either film will be valid at theatres.
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